Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why we Talk.

We all know women and men are different in more ways than one. I am convinced that God has a very good sense of humor based on how different we are when it comes to communicating.

Recently, we took a very LONG road trip from Houston, TX to Birmingham, AL to visit family and friends (that's another blog). While we were there, we met many of our friends for lunch and a movie. Belle had her friends there (8 yr olds) and Annie had her friends (12 yr olds) and I had my friends (no one needs to know our ages). Oh, Charlie, my husband, and my dad were very good sports about coming along.

At lunch my brilliant husband and father made an observation about girls and women. First they observed Annie's group who were all talking at one time and trying to talk over each other. This is when my hubby turns to Papa and says girls talk to make connections and build relationships (duh) and guys, well they don't have to talk and when they do it is to convey information. According to my dad guys can sit at lunch with each other and not say anything for 20 minutes and it doesn't mean anything is wrong or someone is mad at someone else.

To prove their theory my dad sits down at the "mom table" and discovers we are doing the same thing. Chatting about nothing in particular, having side conversations, and everyone was talking at the same time. Of course, he shares his theory and we all look at him like "what is your point". Listen guys we've known this about ourselves since the beginning of time.

I also have a theory that piggy backs on their theory. Women also build stronger relationships withe each other because we talk ALL the time. Guys should be a fly on the wall during GNO. Wow, wouldn't they get an education on women and how we communicate.

With this being said, I am blessed, as are my girls to have the women/girls in our lives that we can pick right back up with after 6 months of absence and never miss a beat. So, because I don't say it enough "thank you to my women friends who make me a better woman and thank you for raising daughters who make my girls better people". I always loved being a girl and this is one of the major reasons why. I don't want to sit at lunch and not say anything for 20 minutes because this would mean I was mad or something was wrong ;)

"Little" girls talking

"Big" girls talking