Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Trip to Sedona, AZ

About a month ago, Cam and I spent a very relaxing, romantic weekend in Sedona (an amazingly beautiful place). We stayed at a bed and breakfast, which I loved and had never done before and this labyrinth was right outside our room. It gets a little new "agey" in Sedona, so we immersed ourselves (that's me trying to enjoy the journey).

Us waiting for the people from the ranch to pick us up and take us on our horseback ride (very thoughtful on Cam's part since he's not CRAZY about horses like I am).

In another life, he was definitely a cowboy :) It was beautiful scenery. I think I talked to the guide (real cowboy) more than Cam. That's what happens when you get two horse people together.

The last day of our trip. We visited a cathedral built into the side of the rock and it was amazing. In typical Kris fashion, I just wanted to get home. Vacation was over, but Cam talked me into stopping at this church and I am so glad he did. BEAUTIFUL. We are standing right outside the doors, but couldn't get a good pic of the actual building because it was literally built into the side of the mountain.

This trip was my Mother's Day present and Cam certainly earned points for this one. The older we get and the longer we are married, the better it gets. After we got home, Cam was trying to tell our 13 year old about something that happened and started the conversation with "do you want to know something I did to mom while we were in Sedona?" Horrified she replies, "I don't want to know anything you two did in Sedona!" He was just going to tell her about a little practical joke. Jeez, Annie! I guess the idea of us "kissing" makes her want to barf. We're old, not dead (hahaha). I love teenagers!