Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Pictures

Recently, we had family photos taken by the most amazing photographer ever. Her name is Stacey Kay and her website is I highly recommend her and can't say enough great things about her. I don't know if all mothers freak out right before pics, but this one does, especially since we hadn't had professional pictures taken in forever. The only professional pictures we have of Charlie are the ones we get from school every year. So, I admit I got a little crazy about this photo session.

We were meeting Stacey in a gorgeous area of Mesa called Las Sendas. Desert landscape can be beautiful and hopefully, we captured the beauty in our pictures. I obsessed about what the kids would wear because I wanted to coordinate, but not match. Then, I obsessed about everyone's hair and then I got super tense about people not cooperating and this was all before we even got in the car to go. All the stress and obsession was for nothing because Stacey is fabulous and made the session feel more like a fun family night instead of boring pictures. We ended up with a ton of great pictures of which I'll be posting a few.

Every time I look at the people in these photographs I get a sense of awe and wonder because they belong to me and this family of 5 can do just about anything they set their minds too. I think I might have the most gorgeous children and hottest hubby out there (I'm only a little bias).

So here's to family photos and stress free moms...

I love this guy!

We jumped about 6 times...they loved it.

This one is over our fireplace.

I am lucky to be the mom to these 3 (most of the time)!

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Grandma said...

I agree and I am lucky to be a grandma to them!