Monday, September 22, 2008

The Dangers of Drugging a Cat

Last night I received several calls in a row from my parent's home phone number.  I love caller ID because if you can't talk, you can continue things like putting kids to bed, doing the dishes, or eating dinner.  After the 5th time I looked at my parent's number on our phone, I thought maybe something horrible has happened because why else would someone call so frantically?  I answer the phone with soap on my face and toothpaste in my mouth, to my mom's frantic voice..."I took the cat's pills" she says.  Well, my parents have to sedate one of their cats because it tortures the much older, much grumpier female cat in the family.  Yes, they give it a tranquilizer everyday.  The cat is always stoned!

The cat's pill?  Why would you take the cat' pill, I ask after I get done laughing hysterically.  My mom takes medication at night, which most nights include an ambien (love me some ambien:)).  Earlier in the evening she had taken her pills and ambien, gets Dorsey (the cat's) medicine out, but the cat has figured out that if Nana starts chasing him around purring like one of them, she's about to shove a pill down his throat.  He hides everytime, so she hunts for him with the pill.  Not finding him, she returns to the kitchen, forgets she's taken her medication, forgets the cat hasn't taken his, so she pops the cat's sedative in her mouth and swallows down.  Only then realizing what had happened.

HYSTERICS according to my dad who is watching TV and doesn't pretend to be the least bit interested.  It wasn't ketamine, she'll be fine.  Basically, she has taken Elavil, a human tranquilizer, but my dad claims my mom had a 20 minute panic attack, calling the pharmacy and poison control.  Meanwhile my dad is still watching TV and obviously doesn't care she'll be dead in a few minutes.  DRAMA.  Turns out it was very safe to take.  That it might make her a little sleepy, but no stomach pumping is in her future.  All is well, except my mom is furious with my dad for not being more sensitive and taking her serious.  My advice to them was to quit drugging the cat!


Grandma said...

Just 3 suggestions for Tom and Judy:

1. I know I am going to catch hell from you, BUT if they didn't have the cat in the first place, this wouldn't have happened.
2. Maybe Tom should give the cat the pills in the future BEFORE he starts to watch TV and
3. Judy should consider herself lucky that he didn't yell at her.

Love, Ro

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

FUNNNNNNY!!!! I'm laughing so hard I can barely type... sounds like something that I would do... hmmmmm, perhaps they can send me some????

Leigh said...

THAT was hilarious. I want whatever the cat's on. Sounds yummy.