Friday, September 12, 2008

The Donut Downfall

Friday started out as a disaster. Not only did it start out badly, but it started early. And for those of you who know me know I am not a morning person. I'm really not on my game until aobut 10:00 and my addiction to diet Pepsi doesn't help the mornings that I don't get my fix when I open my eyes. I certainly don't wake up whistling and swinging the windows open ready to greet the day:) There are no singing birds as part of my morning routine, but I digress.

Back to this morning...the kids and I have to be at school by 7:15 with 100 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. I am co-chair of the donut fundraiser at school for our 5th graders as they make money for their trip to Washington DC. As of right now, I'm thinking selling a kidney on ebay would be easier than what we had to go through this morning. We are up, ready, and out the door by 6:45 so we can be at Krispy Kreme at 7:00, which is the scheduled time I have set up with them when I ordered the donuts on Tuesday, yes Tuesday.

We get there at 7:00 to be greeted by a very confused cashier, as if no one has ever come into pick up an order before. She goes into the back and gets someone else who proceeds to tell me they are running behind and could I just hang out for an hour. WHAT THE ?*$#@! No, I can not hang out an hour. Car pool will be over and I'll be stuck with 100 boxes of donuts. By the way, we were selling the donuts during drop -off which is from about 8:00-8-30. For the love of all that is good in the world, why did I even bother going and placing the order on Tuesday? I ask this question to the little man behind the counter and he says, "I don't know"  .He doesn't know. How can he not know? He makes the donuts...who else would know?  My children who are watching this exchange all take a very small step away from me because they know I'm about to explode.  I had to walk away for fear I would rip his head off and hand it to him.

After calming down a little I go back in to find a manager.  Certainly, a manager can help me.  I was wrong.  We just don't have the order ready, but  we'll give you a dozen donuts and some coffee while you wait.  I don't want a dozen, I want my 100 boxes.  Can you do that?  I call Kim, my co-chair whom apparently is less than a morning person than I am because she is still in bed.  It'll work out she tells me.  Don't have a come apart she says.  I'm planning on having a giant come apart and jumping in it, but I have to eat my 6 donuts first. I call this emotional eating and if I had access to alcohol, I would have been doing shots instead.

 Another mom comes by to pick up the 20 boxes they do have ready, so at least we'll have something to sell in carpool.  An hour and 20 minutes later, they are loading 80 boxes into the back of my car.  It's 8:20 and we only have 10 minutes left to sell in morning carpool.  Lori calls to tell me to hurry because they've sold the first 20 boxes in less than 5 minutes and people are waiting.  As if I've stopped for for a pedi or something equally ridiculous.

Before I leave Krispy Kreme the manager tells me next time you do this (as if they'll be a next time), we'll give you 20 boxes free.  If people just did their jobs in the first place, they wouldn't have to placate customers with empty promises.  I do have to admit the fundraiser went well and we sold most of our boxes at school, but this may have been the donut downfall of the school year and thanks to Isabelle we may sell pizzas next time!


Grandma said...

Ok Kris you did clean up the language and you left out some juicey details, and I had the benefit of hearing of the saga as it was unfolding, but it still had me laughing my head off. Mind you, I was having a headache when you called early in the morning in california and I am not a morning person either, but you made my day with the tale.
Love, Ro


What a morning! Glad it was you and not me!! Ha Ha.
love, Kris

Brian and Aubrey said...

Kris, You make me laugh. i love that you are blogging. What a great story.

Cortney said...

Kris, When did you get so spicy? Rip off his head and hand it to him??? I let my kids play with yours? Did you ever threaten two-year-old Henry that you might dismember him in some way? Sheesh. Sounds like you should start taking your Ambien when you wake up, rather than at bedtime. Just kidding. You know I love you and all your violent histrionics. When are we going to be neighbors again?

Cortney said...
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Cortney said...

PS If I could be in the PTA with you, I would sign up immediately. If the donuts are any indication, think how much fun we could have at the book fair. (You could get your pedi while you work the register).