Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School

When does this happen? How do they grow up right before our very eyes? The night before school started, I think, no I know I wanted to have another baby. What? Why, you ask? Because I have no children left at home. NONE. The baby is in kindergarten, so when do I stop calling him the baby? When he's 30 and getting married? And if Annie gets married at the same age as her daddy and I, she'll be getting married in 10 years. But she's not doing that, so I don't even have to think about it!

Anyway, they were all babies like, really yesterday! And now, Annie is in middle school as the cutest 6th grader there is, Belle is a 2nd grader and her smile is still contagious (like when she was a baby). And Charlie, well, we've talked about him being in kindergarten (all day kindergarten). So, here's to all the mommy's who feel lonely right now. All of us who have sent ALL our little ones off to school and thinking for one brief moment (very brief because it's not possible) that they want to have a baby. Right about now Cam is thinking thank goodness we took care of that!

These are those same 3 sweet kids 5 years ago before Charlie's baptism and they are still blessing our lives everyday!

So, I guess you could say this is the Then to our Now.

I am so proud of all of this "Pico Power" and the craziness I like to call family.


Leigh said...

Look at those babes. So beautiful. They do grow up SO quickly.

Grandma said...

My darling grandkids! So cute then and adorable now. Annie love your new hairdo. Grandma loves you so much.