Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mothers & Sons

First of all, I know in some parenting book, somewhere, some expert has written about the negative aspects of the family bed. Second, we don't have a family bed. I love sleeping with my husband and since we moved into a two-story house, our dog who used to sleep in the family bed no longer sleeps downstairs. I'd like to think she sleeps upstairs to "protect" the kids.

With that being said, our bed has somehow (I blame it on the move) become a place Charlie thinks he can visit every night and most nights we are both too tired to drag him back upstairs and tuck him in, so we let him stay. I often love the snuggle time with him, as if we are not together enough during the day. And yes, there is the potential that he may someday be a "mama's boy" (if he's not already). And what's wrong with a "mama's boy"?

What I don't enjoy is the little arms and legs I remove from my own body throughout the night. So, we've been talking to Charlie about staying in his own bed ALL night. We've even resorted to bribery: chocolate if he stays in his bed 10 nights in a row! I know what the parenting books say about that too, but I say whatever works. The other night as I'm putting my son to bed and reminding him to stay in his bed and what a great job he's doing (3 nights in a row), he looks at me as we are hugging each other good night and says, "Mama, do you know why I like to sleep with you? It's because your arms and legs are SO warm when I crawl in next to you". I decided right there, that he's only going to be "the baby" a little longer and what the heck, what's one more warm body in the family bed? I haven't asked him since then to sleep in his own bed. Although, he does start out every night upstairs in his bed tucked away under his sheets.

When he's 12, I'll be lucky if he even wants me to tuck him in at night, but until that day comes I'll keep my feet and legs warm under the covers and enjoy the snuggling just a little bit longer. The girls are welcome too, but Annie refuses to sleep in my bed because she says I snore. I'll save that for another blog. Here's to keeping our kids "babies" just a little longer!


Becca said...

Yay! You've been updating your blog! Keep the posts coming!

I love what you wrote and totally agree. I know the "family bed" is something discouraged by most parenting experts but it is so true...they are only little for so long! We always put our kids in their own beds for the night too but I LOVED it when they were little and would crawl into our bed in the middle of the night for a snuggle! I say enjoy it while it lasts because lets face it, I doubt they will still be doing it at 15! :)


Funny that you just blogged about the "family bed" considering that little Ty Ty has been camping out there for a month now! Our lives parallel way to much it is actually a bit scary!! :) The sun was shining today!

Grandma said...

I know that kids will eventually leave the "family bed" but somehow I'm not so sure of "son."