Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My last post was about PMS, so I thought in keeping with said post, I would blog about pregnancy. I don't feel the need to include all my pregnancies because basically they are all the same...the day I miss my period, I start vomiting and do that for about 12 weeks or so. It was so bad with my first pregnancy that I would sleep in the bathroom on the floor, so I could be closer to the toilet. I definitely was NOT glowing. However, with each pregnancy the vomiting would not last as long.

Vomiting would be followed by backpain and sciatica with the 2nd pregnancy that warranted physical therapy. Bed rest soon followed, except with pregnancy #2 and all in all my pregnancy with Belle was ideal for someone like me who gained a ton of weight on bed rest. No bed rest or pre-term labor with BelleBelle. Charlie put me in bed for about 2 months only to be born almost 6 weeks early and that's a whole other blog.

I'm about to make a very controversial statement when I say I hate being pregnant. It does not treat me well and my body was not made for 18 Kids and Counting. No one wants to be as big around as they are tall...yes, that would be me. I mean look at me...I'm gigantic. It's like the movie Aliens where the baby totally takes over my entire body. I can't even see my feet and don't ask me to move anything, but a snail's pace because it's not possible. Oh, yeah did I mention nasty heartburn that caused me to sleep sitting up? Try doing that on bed rest...

So, no I did not enjoy pregnancy. Cam's dad told me one time when I was huge that I was just glowing, just beautiful and guess what I didn't believe a word he said. I love my father-in-law, but he was definitely blowing smoke that day! My wedding ring eventually didn't fit my finger (swelling), so I ran around 8 months pregnant, no wedding band with my very young, 16 year old face (not really), but I got some dirty looks for a couple months!

I LOVE my children. And for those of you who know me, I love newborns. I love nursing and believe it or not, I loved staying up with those little ones at night...well, at least with the last 2 I enjoyed those nights. Belle and I would hang out and watch decorating shows at midnight. I would probably have 6 more kids, if I didn't have to carry them...

So, the P words (PMS and pregnancy) are words that make my hubby cringe and to be truthful makes me feel a little vomit in the back of my throat. Glow away my beautifully pregnant friends and I'll just come over and love on your babies!


Grandma said...

Oh Kris,
Been there, done that and feel you pain.

Hopefully you will get some relief and answers soon.

Feel sorry for everyone but especially YOU.


Grandma said...

That last comment was supposed to be on the last post on PMS......

Your hormones are really all over the place!

Just love and cuddle the babies - you are great at that.

P/S Hope you don't take my head off for my comments. Hee hee

Love You