Monday, February 8, 2010

Moms Can't Get Sick

I thought I was in the clear after my son having the flu and scarlet fever 2 weeks ago and I managed NOT to get it. Boy, was I dreaming. Two days ago, I was freezing at dinner and just not feeling right. I thought it was because we gone to a parade and everyone was sunburned.

Now, I am totally sick with what my "doctor" husband has unofficially diagnosed me with flu. He got me started on Tamiflu yesterday, so I'm hoping I will recover quickly. I'm not really enjoying the headache and the achy joints to go with it. I'm hot, I'm cold! I'm sure I'm a hoot to sleep with right now.

You know what happens to moms when they are sick? They lay in bed thinking of everything that has to be done feeling guilty. An added source of guilt for me now is calling in sick to work. Not only am I thinking about my own children being neglected, but now I'm feeling guilty about neglecting other people's children. I stayed home with Charlie for a week, but now I'm feeling like I have to get back to school, sick or not! My children didn't even have clean socks this morning because I didn't do any laundry this weekend. I put the white clothes in this morning, but I don't have the energy to put them in the dryer. Hopefully, everyone has enough underwear to get them through the next couple of days!

My other hope is that my hubby gets home early, so the kiddos don't have to eat cereal for dinner and that I have a miraculous recovery feeling 100% tomorrow morning when I wake up.


Cortney G. Huber said...

I would offer to come do your laundry, load your dishwasher, and fold your clothes, but you would just redo it all after I was gone. I'm sorry you're sick! Cereal for dinner's not so bad, you know--it's iron fortified. Sometimes it's the most nutritious thing we eat. Why aren't we someplace sunny and warm and together??? I am missing you.

Recover! You're pretty much no fun when you're sick. And I don't even sleep with you.

Aubs said...

hope you feel better Aunt Krissy!!!!! =]


Grandma said...

Just think when you move to AZ I can come do your laundry, clean bathrooms but maybe not dinner. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, sweetie, but I got couldn't finish this blog. I started daydreaming when you said "sunburned".