Thursday, May 12, 2011

Camping with the Pico Family

The kids live on hot chocolate when we camp. Freckles joins us in the tent every night on our camping trips. You should see the tent when we go to bed. Cam, Charlie, and I on the blow up mattress (Freckles ends up there too). Annie and Belle in their bags on the ground. It takes hours to settle down. We talk and laugh until we fall asleep exhausted.

Breakfast anyone? I'm not saying anything about the hat. It speaks for itself!

The big question here is: why would Cam take a picture of my backside? Really? I mean it takes up the whole picture. We need to work on his photography skills.

These family memories are the ones that the kids will hopefully remember forever. Right after this picture was taken I'm sure someone poked someone with a hot clothes hanger we use for s'mores and then the fun ended.

Hubs loves to camp and the kiddos do, also. Love might be a strong word when it comes to camping and this mama. It's a lot of work to get there and get home, but everything in between is worth it. I love the campfires. I love the ability to do nothing while camping, but most of all I love how much fun we have as a family.

And don't forget: "Everything tastes better when you camp!"

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