Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

10 things that make me smile today:

1. Summer is almost here and my kids will be done with another busy, crazy school year.
2. Finding our little dog, Fiona on our very tall bed (I still don't know how she got there).
3. Spending time with rescued horses (feeding, mucking, and applying ointment).
4. Hearing the new ring tone I have for all my crazy girlfriends (of course, we rule the world).
5. Iced tea with lemon and splenda (almost as good as southern sweet tea).
6. Talking to my handsome husband on the phone (sometimes when I see him walk towards me like at one the kid's events and he's meeting me there, I get butterflies).
7. ALL the clean laundry in piles all over the house waiting to be folded (yes, this is on the right list).
8. Finding out who wins DWTS tonight.
9. The kids coming in after school and breaking the silence.
10. My SIL's latest text message and accompanying picture!


Jasmine said...

LOL!!! See ya Friday!!

Cortney G. Huber said...

2. How do YOU get there? 4. Did you hear mine today? 7. Some things never change! Comfort. 8. Were you disappointed? You were rooting for Chelsea; I know it. 9. When are you ever silent????

Sweet Chairity Madison said...

It's now the middle of June. How about updating your blog and adding more pics of your cuties?
Hope you're having a great summer.
I'm trying to keep up with my blog, too. (unsuccessfully)
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