Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beautiful Inside & Out

Belle has such a tender heart. This is something she was born with (I'm convinced they come to us hard wired) We can encourage certain behavior, but certain things are inherent. Belle's compassion and love for everyone is inherent.

Recently, we spent 4 days in Cedar City, UT at The Shakespeare Festival, which turns into a Campbell family reunion every year. Saturday night we were all getting ready to go over to the the Green Show and someone drew my attention to my Belle. She was leading a blind, elderly man through the pool area over to a seat in the sunshine. She took his arm leading him through the gate to the perfect seat. I stood there for a moment realizing that I just witnessed her sweet spirit in action. These are things you can not teach, but when they happen as a parent you become so proud. It was a small action that probably meant a lot to the man in a world that sees his blindness as a handicap, something that makes him different. Belle did not find him scary or uncomfortable, but someone who needed her help.

She is the peacemaker in the family and wants everyone to be happy. Tonight at dinner, Annie got excused from the table due to her attitude (another post) and Belle crosses her arms and announces to the table, "if Annie can't eat, I won't eat". We told Annie she could come back if she apologized and I think Belle was more than happy she did because that meant her hunger strike would be over.

She is kind and her tender heart is one to be praised and emulated. I've brought the incident with the blind man up a couple of times and she just shrugs as if saying "of course, Mom, I would do that". It just comes so natural to her, so she truly is a beautiful person inside and out.

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Awww Our Belly!!! That just brought tears to my eyes!! We LOVE her so so much!! Especially Ashes!! So glad they are so close and i'm realizing that they are so so alike. Maybe its the middle child syndrome? Ashes is our peace maker too, as she made her sister soup and held Aub's hair for her while she was puking from a migraine today and I couldn't be there :( I just love our "middles"