Sunday, November 16, 2008


This has been our "trick or treat" crew for the last 4 years. Belle is a "camo diva" (very Belle), Annie is a "punk pirate", Charlie is a regular pirate, and Emily (Belle's BFF) is an angel.

This is what residency does to a person.

Annie and her friends at school enjoying rolling each other in toilet paper. The end result was a toilet paper wrapped mummy laughing her head off!

We take Freckles (the dog) trick or treating with us every year. She usually wears a witch costume, but has put on a few pounds this year and couldn't fit into it. Looks like Freckles and mommy need to take more walks:)

Picomania at its best!


Grandma said...

I guess it pays to ask the kids to get mom to post the pics because here they are:) Thanks Annie for bugging mom for me. The diva and pirates I'm sure were the best in Homewood. Miss you guys so much and love you even more.


Love the costumes! Your kids look so cute.
Annie thanks for the letter. Aubrey loved it. She immedieatly stopped what she was doing and wrote you back. She was so bugged that the mail man had already come on Saturday, and that she had to wait until Monday for your letter to be mailed. She askes everyday, "so do you think Annie got my letter yet?" I hope you girls continue to write. It is so sweet and special. Miss you all!!! Love, Aunt Kristin