Monday, November 17, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

This is where it all began. We were young, in love, and ready to conquer the world. Almost 12 years and 3 kids later, we're still in love. A little older and a little less likely to conquer the world...just our small corner of Picomania.

One of us was old enough to drink at our wedding...quess who?

My BEAUTIFUL family!

Cam holding his son in the NICU for the first time.

Charlie's rough start made him a fighter. Born almost 6 weeks early with RDS, "son" (as Belle quickly named him) spent the first 9 days of his life hooked up to machines. Good thing he wasn't our first or I might have had a complete breakdown, but he turned out to be a healthy, happy boy and all this seems like a distant memory.

This was my first look at my son and it was in this moment when I fell in love. It seems peaceful, but in the next moment, he was whisked away to the NICU and I was left alone to pray for someone I had just met, but loved more than anything in the world. I feel so blessed to be a mother!

This is Cam holding Isabelle Rose when she was only a few hours old. She was one of the most peaceful, happy babies I had ever seen. As you can tell daddy fell in love with his daughter right away. What's not to love?

I loved meeting Belle for that first time. Everything about her birth was amazing and when I looked at her, I knew instantly she would help complete our family. I also knew she would bring alot of fun and laughter to Picomania!

Annie holding her baby sister hours after her birth. She loved Belle from the start and Isabelle soon began to adore Annie and hasn't stopped since. Cam always says if BelleBelle could somehow attach herself to Annie by becoming a part of her, she would. She really looks up to her big sister. We're just trying to convince Annie this is a good thing:)

This is it for now, but you know there's more to come. We have grown up alot in the last 12 years, but this is where we began and it's a good thing to remember those moments and go back to where we started:)


Leigh said...

I love the wedding picture!! It reminds me... I was so mad at Tommy that night because he hadn't proposed yet. Ha!

Love the pictures of your babies' "birth"days. You are such a sweet mom/wife. Miss you guys!

Christiansen Family said...

Love the pictures! They are so fun to look two look so young! Can you believe that you guys have been married for almost 12 years...time sure flys by fast!