Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Giada afternoon snack

We are on a health kick in our house and quite frankly who couldn't benefit from more veggies? The problem is convincing the kids that veggies are just as appetizing and yummy as chips or something equally as bad for you. I'm not saying that's not ok once in awhile, but we do enough damage to our body without eating like "crap" everyday.

Anyway, we were watching Giada on the foodnetwork today and there was an awesome recipe for black olive dip and veggies. Of course, I don't look a thing like her when I cook or ever (Cam has a major crush on her. Dream on, babe!). So, the dip is totally easy: black olives, garlic, and parsley mixed together in the food processor. I used chicken broth to mix it, but she used olive oil. I cut up some veggies: carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, and fennel. I thought it was super yummy, but wasn't totally convinced my brood would enjoy, but as you can see, they loved it! Well, the girls loved it. Charlie used ranch dressing to dip (he uses the carrots as a spoon to eat the dressing). Gross!!!!

I think I ruined our healthy snack with homemade mac and cheese for the kids tonight. But, it was a Cooking Light recipe. Oh, yeah the girls and I did our workout this morning (Debbie Siebers' Slim in 6) and now, I can't climb the steps. I want to say it's my aging body, but I'm going to have to admit it's because I'm totally out of shape and my butt is no longer a muscle, but a blob at the top of my legs. So, here's to healthy living!


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

That dip sounds divine.... I love black olives! I may have to try that!!! Missing you, we could have gotten healthy together last year, but this may be more fun!!!! Hugs!!

Brian and Aubrey said...

I will have to try that recipe. Thanks for sharing.