Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why We Love Daddy

First of all, my name is Kris Pico and I am a blog slacker, but I intend to change all that. I'm turning over a new leaf. I think I'll just have to start from here and go forward because SO much has happened since my last post. Remember I'm a blog slacker!

With that being said, the kids and I wanted to let Cam know exactly how we feel about him. We don't do this enough in our house. I'll go first:
  • He is a good, Christian man who makes me a better person and that's not easy
  • He is a loyal, family man
  • He leads our family in an honorable manner and thinks of the kids and I before he thinks of himself (most of the time. I mean he's not perfect)
  • He's a success story and is awesome at whatever he does
  • He's hot (you knew that was coming)
  • He makes me laugh and laughs at my stupid jokes
  • He does practical, nice things for me (his love language)
  • He lets me have an equivalent of a small farm and isn't even fond of animals
  • He doesn't care if he has clean underwear everday and is understanding if dinner isn't on the stove every night.
  • He supports me, encouraging me to live up to my potential
  • He is an awesome involved daddy
  • Most importantly, he loves his God, his wife, and his kids

Told you he was hot...this is why I had a crush on him. I know totally shallow...you have to start somewhere. 67 is my favorite number ;)

Here's what Annie has to say about her daddy:
  • I always learn something new with daddy.
  • Daddy can always make something that would be hard, easy. He helps me a lot.
  • He's really smart and good at math.
  • I love when daddy laughs. It's contagious.
  • Daddy has a great sense of humor.
  • If I get hurt, I can trust dad to make me feel better.
  • Overall, he's really nice. I love him!

Isabelle's turn:
  • When I get hurt, he always makes me laugh.
  • I love it when he comes home and hugs us.
  • When he smiles, I smile.
  • I love it when he plays with us. He's awesome.
  • He's so cool!

Last, but certainly not least Charlie has this to say about daddy:
  • Daddy plays with me.
  • He is sweet and loving.
  • I like it when he buys me toys.
  • Daddy's very handsome.
  • I like it when he comes home from work and plays with me.

I guess that says it all. These are some of the things we love about daddy. And not to obsess about my blog, I promise to post more if you all read more.


Chelsea F. said...

What a sweet post!

Leigh said...

You're back!


Love that your back! Can't wait to see what you are all up to next! Love and mss you all!!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

So sweet! Glad you're back!

Grandma said...

So fun to see and remember and read what the kids say, do and experience. Love you all!