Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet the Teacher

My son in funny! I've never met a kid quite like him. Last year, when we started a new school he gave some advice on making new friends and we used his wise words again this year. He told them, "Just make them laugh. That's how I make friends."
Who doesn't want to be friends with a funny person?

So, this year he started 1st grade in yet another new school. We went to Meet the Teacher day and things went so well. We met Belle's teacher, bought our spirit shirts, and last but not least met Charlie's teacher. And this is how the conversation went:

C: Hi, how long have you been teaching?
T: Long enough to know how. Probably longer than your mom's been alive. Well, maybe not that long.
C: Would you say like 25 years? (He's like grilling her now).
T: Almost 25 years. So long that I go to the district and teach other teachers. But 1st grade is my favorite! (All smiles. She thinks she's satisfied him)
C: So, you're like a professional teacher then?
And to this she looks over at me smiling like "it's going to be quite a year" to which I reply out loud, "he's all yours!"

So, I'm wishing Ms. O'neill a lot of luck with this little boy because he's going to keep her on her toes! I then told her not to believe everything she hears about me to which she says you too!

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