Thursday, August 26, 2010


Recently, our 3 usually well behaved children landed themselves in some serious hot water with their dad and I. So, we did what all good parents do, we lectured them. We told them how disappointed we were in them, how we expected more, and that we couldn't trust them (they had been fighting and not listening ALL day). We then retreated to the bathroom where we stayed for a few minutes, so they could "think" about what they had done. (Since we were in a hotel in Kingman, AZ the bathroom was the only place we could go and lock the door).

While we were locked in the bathroom, the children took it upon themselves to use dad's ipad to apologize to us, so they opened the awesome program that allows you to write and draw in different colors. As you can see, they saw the error of their ways, repented, and felt sufficiently guilty given their awful behavior.

I would like to point out that instead of writing a note and slipping it under the door, like we did in the "olden" days, they took the newest piece of technology in the room and created a new way to apologize. Just another use for the ipad and the next time I need to apologize to my hubby you better believe I'm going to use the ipad. And yes, we did forgive the could we possibly stay mad at such a creative group of children?

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Becca said...

haha...that's funny Kris and so cute. Love reading your blog, it's honest and favorite combination! Good job keeping it updated and glad that you guys are adjusting well to Arizona living!