Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Heart Is in Alabama

Yesterday a devastating tornado ripped through Alabama, a place that I consider my hometown. My parents are there, some of our best friends are there, two of our children were born in downtown Birmingham. Luckily our family and friends are safe. Most of them trying to provide aid to those who have lost everything. They estimate the death toll at 300, but that is early.

The town of Tuscaloosa looks very different on a map. This is the home of the Tide, as well as two of my cousins who attend college there. I hope they have someplace to sleep because entire school buildings were demolished. My prayers are with them and my heart is in Alabama today.

That was our home for 8 years. We made some of the best friends we will ever have there. It is an amazing place and in my heart I am a Southern lady, well, maybe 1/2 a Southern lady (a Southern lady does not use foul language). Right, ladies? My heart is heavy with concern today for the people who have lost loved ones, their homes, their businesses, and life as they know it for now.

I am proud of the people who live in AL who have come to the rescue to provide provisions, shelter, help, medical care. This is when you see God. He is there standing right beside the mother of 3 who has lost her home and the precious pictures of her children's life. He is with the man who is looking at his small business that is just a slab of concrete. God is with the children who have lost their parents or grand parents in this horrid natural disaster. My prayer is that those people who are hurting and lost look for God and not blame Him, but let Him hold them in their time of need.

Alabama will always be special to us (I mean that's our football team. Sorry Susan Ward!). My parents live there. They are just fine and I am thankful for that. Although I'm sure it was a rough night. My dad is not fond of storms! And for that matter neither is mom. Truth be told, I am thankful for facebook. Don't laugh. I am getting updates via fb from people all over the state. It was comforting last night to know Homewood AL was safe. Pelham, AL was safe. And today I am watching people gather supplies and get them to those who need it most. That's a God thing!

Alabama will come through this with all her Southern charm. And I was blessed to have lived in that great state for 8 years. Prayers are with you, my Southern friends.

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