Monday, April 25, 2011

Piano, Baseball, & Easter

The kids and our furry family

Our first Easter in Mesa, AZ

When did she pass me up in height?

What do these things have in common?
Answer: The way we spent our spring.

First game, first hit

Charlie is LOVING baseball. It's a good thing because his mama is a big baseball fan.

Our Annie has a gift.

Belle just started playing and this was her first Old McDonald Had a Song ever!

I love that all my kids are playing and performing now. Music is SO important to development and will be required to take lessons until they are 18 (yes, I'm that kind of mom).

This is our first spring in AZ and we are loving it so far. Beautiful weather and I absolutely love the smell of the orange blossoms that blows through every evening. We go to an awesome church and Holy week was very special for us this year because Annie sat at the Lord's table with her brothers and sisters in Christ on Maundy Thursday. Yes, I cried. Would you expect anything less? Christ's Greenfield Lutheran Church is special and we are blessed to be part of this church family. This is my favorite time of year and I'm trying to enjoy it to the fullest so I can survive the summer!

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